Meet The Team

Warren Wagner

Warren graduated from the School of Optometry, Witwatersrand in 1991. He then progressed on to complete Certificates of Advanced Study, which included Ocular Disease and Pharmaceutical Application, as well as in Neural Basis in Optometry at the New England College of Optometry in Massachusetts, USA.
Further along, he has also embarked on broadening his knowledge base in Diabetic management / co-management and is a primary care Diabetic optometrist. He is an experienced Clinician and has extensive knowledge, specialising in behavioural  / developmental optometry, which is a vision care system based on the understanding that vision is the dominant sensory process, and that it develops throughout one’s life. Warren is a much respected Optometrist by many afar, and alike by his colleagues, as being passionate in assisting adults and children, whether it be because of a traumatic event such as a stroke or assisting children with learning disabilities. His patience and nature alike can be visibly seen in the results, with improved performance in many areas of life, including general movement and co-ordination skills and academic performance. After all, learning takes place through the visual system. If the visual system is not working effectively and efficiently, the learning process will be negatively impacted. Extending on the visual world, Warren enjoys his amateur photographic pursuits – Flowers, people and places – all contribute to appreciating the world through our most dominant sense – VISION !